Gamma ray will give yousuper powers, like The Hulk.

We are crazy about gamma ray imaging technologies. In the field of nuclear medicine and radiation monitoring systems, we are developing super cool technologies to conquer cancer and stop radiological threats.

Will you join in ARALE laboratory?

About us

ARALE laboratory develops various cutting edge technologies in the field of radiation imaging.
Developed systems include: Radiation detectors for national security and clinical and preclinical diagnostic nuclear medicine imaging systems for national healthcare.
Additionally, software algorithms for high quality imaging tools are boldly explored!


Radiation Monitoring
Radiation surveillance system, based on VPTM technology, monitors nuclear terrors and disasters more effectively.
It optimizes the performance parameters of surveillance systems for each radioactive condition in real-time.
You are able to zoom-in and trace the target through the remote control room.
Compact Gamma Camera
Hand-held and light weight gamma ray imaging camera based on a silicon photomultiplier, high resolution scintillator, high speed ADC, SoC-FPGA based data acquisition circuit and target specific collimator.
The compactness, powerful performance and flexible architecture of this device help researchers easily develop their own applications at a faster pace.
Medical Imaging Systems
High resolution clinical and preclinical nuclear medicine imaging systems, such as gamma camera and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) are under development.
Most of the state-of-art radiation imaging technologies are combined to create the first commercialized clinical gamma camera that made in Korea.


Hakjae Lee
Ph. D. / CEO
Kisung Lee
Ph. D. / CTO
Jungyeol Yeom
Ph. D. / Technical Director
Hyun-koo Kim
MD / Clinical Advisor
Jongkook Moon
Sales Director
Kangwoo Jeon
Jaewon Jeong
Jinwha Lee